Chisel Plough Manufacturers in India

Chisel Plough Manufacturers in India

Agriculture is one of the common occupations done by most of the population of India. Various things are done in agriculture, like preparing the soil, planting seeds, etc. Among all these methods, many other methods are done, one of them is chisel ploughing, which is suitable for much small-scale farming, but how? Let’s get to know!

Through this blog post let’s get to know how this farming is good for both farms and farmers.

What do you mean by Chisel Ploughing?

This type of ploughing is also known as sub soiling, a method of tillage that breaks down the soil without completely inverting it. Unlike another traditional ploughing that turns the soil upside down, chisel ploughing digs way too deep into the ground to break the layers of soil and allow water and air to go deeper.

Benefits of using chisel ploughing in small-scale agriculture

1. Soil structure: This chisel plough helps in breaking up stick soil layers, improving soil texture and water filtration through it. This process will give healthier root growth and better crop yieldings.
2. Saves soil moisture: If you don’t turn your soil upside down, you can’t get the moisture of the soil back. The process of chisel ploughing helps in getting back the moisture of the soil. This process is important for the areas where there is no rainfall.
3. Less soil erosion: doing chisel ploughing, process disturbs the soil less than other traditional methods of doing agriculture which fortunately helps in reducing soil erosion. This process is important for keeping soil fertility on point and also prevents the loss of nutrients.
4. Suitable Pricing: As compared to other modern techniques of farming, these ploughs are way too less expensive than others thus, these ploughs are suitable for those farmers who have a low budget.
5. Adjustability: These chisel ploughing can be used in various soil types and conditions making them the best choice any farmer can make for their small-scale business.

Is Chisel Ploughing Suitable for Small-scale Farming?

While chisel ploughing provides more benefits for improving soil structure, saving moisture in the soil, and many other things, it also comes with various challenges. For all the small-scale farmers, the working of chisel ploughing depends on various factors like the type of soil, equipment availability, and farming goals.
If a small-scale farmer has the necessary equipment and skills to work a chisel plough effectively, it can be the most valuable addition to their farming practices. However, for those with limited resources or facing challenges in getting the right depth and control, suitable practices are needed.


Chisel ploughing can be perfect for all small-scale farming when used properly. Keep in mind the points that we have discussed in the above-given paragraphs. It is important to keep an eye on the individual needs and conditions to maintain soil properly.
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